mineral office with couch and ladder

Do people actually read this stuff?

Clearly you do. And we’re stoked because it shows you care about the brands you associate with. Just like us. And that, in a tidy little nutshell, is what our ABOUT, is all about.

Mineral burst forth into being in 2011, in response to the corporate, boring, mega-beige, yawn-fest that was taking hold of the beverage industry’s tender nether regions.

In other words, we were sick of all the faceless brands who were in it for a quick buck. So, the Mineral peeps decided to gather together a group of brands who were more than a label slapped on a bottle and a cunning marketing campaign.

Behind every brand we represent, is a group of people who care about the products they make, the effect their product has on you, and the legacy they leave for the planet – and of course they want to make a living out of it. But not at the expense of anyone else.

Whether it’s ethically sourced ingredients, environmental consciousness or people who want to do the right thing for the right reasons…they’re the brands you’ll find us peddling to you, the conscious consumer.

Of course, we’re not all angels but we are all adults, so don’t support Mineral if you’re wanting to drink more. Do it because you want to drink better. Well done for getting this far. You’ve earned yourself a drink.

Handprint on wall graffiti

The Mineral Manifesto

  1. We encourage a better relationship with alcohol.
  2. We won’t shy away from difficult conversations.
  3. “Please refill me. Don’t throw me out.” We make, and encourage others to make, choices that heal and protect our planet.
  4. We respect one another.
  5. We lead by example.
  6. We act with intention, transparency, and accountability.
  7. We acknowledge that financial sustainability = sustainability.
  8. We do great work for each and every partner.
  9. We are a work in progress.