Daily Organics Kombucha – Original (6x1000ml)

This is our very first brew using a bold blend of black tea, delivering an uncomplicated full body taste with a subtle hint of peachiness.

Daily Organics Kombucha is proudly 100% Organic Bio Gro Certified and contains no gluten or dairy. We source the highest quality Certified Organic tea and brew with local pristine artesian water. Nothing else. Nothing fake.

By brewing slowly and bottle conditioning we create a kombucha that tastes like no other. Our kombucha is a raw, unpasteurised living product – it is always found in the fridge and never on the shelf. Being traditionally fermented it can possibly increase in natural alcohol beyond the NZ beverage limit of 1.15% ABV as a result of being exposed to different temperatures along the supply chain.

It is not deliberately brewed to be alcohol, we don’t add extra yeast, sugars or ethanol. Natural alcohol develops as a byproduct of this wild fermentation process. We strongly believe in our no compromise approach to brewing the best kombucha*. Therefore, without altering the quality and in order to comply with the food authorities, this product is now classed as alcohol.

2.5% ABV.
Must be stored and served chilled.

*We don’t water down, or add lab- created probiotics, cultures, syrups, additives, flavourings or preservatives.

$102.00 each