Circumstance Distillery Circumstantial Rum 700ml (45%)

Circumstantial Rum is a rather special English white rum.

Circumstantial Rum is made from 100% South American molasses, fermented and distilled in Bristol, UK. The molasses was fermented for 2 weeks on mead yeast.

The long fermentation gives a funky Jamaican style spirit. The short ageing adds mellow notes. Re-distillation adds a crispness to the finish reminiscent of a Cuban style rum.

Tropical fruits, lime sherbet and green bananas. Creamy with notes of black pepper and a clean finish.

45% ABV

$85.50 each

Circumstance Microdistillery

Circumstance Distillery produces grain spirits and cane spirits in Bristol, UK. Our favourite expression, of both grain and cane, involve long open fermentation using non-distilling yeasts such as beer yeasts. These raw spirits are full of amazing flavour and uniquely suitable for shorter ageing.