Psychopomp Aqvavit 700ml (38%)

Aquavit is a classic Scandinavian botanical spirit using caraway/dill/fennel seed. We love the Danish style and our Aqvavit has taken inspiration from this with more pronounced dill seed and caraway flavours, but with our own Bristol twist!

Suggested serve 1: Chilled. Straight. (traditional).
Suggested serve 2: In a Bloody Mary instead of vodka.
Suggested serve 3: With tonic as a replacement for vodka or gin.


$85.50 each

Psychopomp Distillery

Psychopomp is a small independent Micro-Distillery based in an old grocery shop in the heart of Bristol. We use handmade 30L copper pot stills to produce gin & botanical craft spirits in small batches, using a single shot method.