The Canna Co. ‘The Myrcene’ Hemp Gin 700ml (40%)

The Canna Co. sells hemp products which are made from Cannabis. They’re certified vegan, raw, organic and 100% free of GMO, produced in Victoria and Tasmania. The Myrcene Hemp Gin is the world’s first cannabis infused gin distilled with terpenes and has won the silver medal in the San Francisco World Spirits 2019 Competition.
With a long complex finish and a rich mouthfeel, The Myrcene is perfect paired with a premium tonic. Try it poured over a wedge of lemon with a sprig of fresh rosemary to really bring out those piney aromas.
In Appearance: Crystal Clear.
On the Nose: Bubblegum aromas blend with lavender, pine forest and sage.
On the Palate: Soft tones of violet interact on the palate with woodland flavours of rosemary and resin, cloves and woody spices.

$96.99 each