Windspiel Premium Dry Gin (47%), Eifel, Germany 500ml

Beautifully bottled with a cork lid and a neck ring, Windspiel Premium Dry Gin is a stunning fruity gin from Western Germany. Windspiel is handcrafted from a potato base and is named after the breed of dog kept by Frederick the Great kept who brought the potato to Germany. Their locally grown potatoes cultivated in rich volcanic soils are converted to a mash which is then heated and mixed with yeast to start the conversion to alcohol.
On the Nose: Rich with lots of juniper, some lavender, well balanced and rich with a quite flowery character.
On the Palate: Classic juniper berries, lemons and coriander combined with potatoes cultivated in rich volcanic soil result in a traditional gin flavor that is mild and delicate. To give it a special character, cinnamon bark and lavender as well as other botanicals have been added to a secret recipe of the master distiller.

$89.99 each