Vallformosa Classic Brut NV, D.O. Cava, Spain

Vallformosa, is a family owned operation that has been around for 150 years, they are the 4th largest producer of Cava in the world, currently exporting to over 54 countries. Vallformosa Cavas are a true product of its terroir’s history, having been nurtured by wine makers who have learnt to truly the value of its rewards to produce, with the confidence, a singular and exclusive product.
In Appearance: Pale yellow with greenish reflections in the glass
On the Nose: Good aromatic intensity of fruity aromas, including green apple and fresh herbs like fennel welcome the nose. These fruiter elements also combine with notes of white flowers and citrus in the bouquet to offer complexity.
On the Palate: Vallformosa Cava is a bright sparkling wine with fine persistent bubbles. The palate is balanced and dry while soft, resulting in well balanced acidity and a fruity aftertaste.

$24.99 each